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The Nistarz Task Masters. We Run Chores! You Live Life!

How It Works

The Nistarz Errands Request Service Nairobi Kenya Task Masters

Choose Your Chores & Tasks

Send Your Task, Errand and Chores List by Website, Email or Phone

The Nistarz Errands Services Task Runners NAirobi Kenya Task MAsters

Our Team on The Job

The taskers are scheduled and dispatched to your chores and errands

The Nistarz Errands NAirobi Task Masters Relax We Handle Your Tasks

Task Done You Reclaim Free Time

Your tasker gets the job done and leaves You focused on important things.

Tasks & Chores We Facilitate


+254 735 266 723 or +254 20 200 0937 tasks@thenistarz.com

The Nistarz Errands Senior Service Elderly icon Task MAsters Nairobi Kenya

Senior / Elderly Service


The Nistarz Cleaning Errand Service Nairobi Kenya Taks Masters

Cleaning Services


The Nistarz Errands PAssport Visa Collection and Submission Services Nairobi Kenya Task MAsters

Passport & Visa Collection


The Nistarz Home Waiting and Sitting Errand Service Nirobi Kenya Task Masters

Home Watching & House Sitting


The Nistarz Errands Business Corporate Support Services Nairobi KEnya Task MAsters

Corporate & Business Support


The Nistarz Errands Shooping And Delivery Nairobi Kenya Task Master

Shopping & Delivery Errands


The Nistarz Handyman Services Errands Nairobi Kenya Task MAsters

Handyman Services


The Nistarz Errands Laundry services NAirobi Kenya Task MAsters

Laundry Services


The Nistarz Errands Queing and Waiting Services Nairobi Kenya Task Masters

Queuing & Waiting Services


The Nistarz Errands Hospital Care Support Nairobi Kenya Task MAsters

Hospital Care & Support Services


The Nistarz Automotive Errand Services Nairobi Kenya Task MAsters

Automotive Care Services


The Nistarz Item Repair and Exchange Errands Nairobi Kenya Taks Masters

Item Repair, Return & Exchange


The Nistarz Errands Courier Services Nairobi KEnya Task MAsters

Courier Services


The Nistarz Errands Driving Services NAirobi Kenya Task Msters

Driving Services


The Nistarz Errands Party Events Parties Arrangements Nairobi Kenya Task MAsters

Parties & Events Arrangement


The Nsitarz Relocation Errand services Nairobi Kenya Task MAsters

Relocation Services


The Nistarz Errand Flight Hotel Booking Travek Arrangement Services Nairobi Kenya Task MAster

Flight, Hotel & Travel Arrangements


The Nistarz Errands Dog and Pet Walking services Nairobi Kenya Task MAsters

Pet Walking Services


The Nistarz Errands New Parent New Mum New Dad New Born Services Nairobi Kenya Task Masters

New Born & New Parent

The Nistarz Errands Special Needy Children and Eldery People Services Nairobi Kenya Task Masters

Special Needy People Services


Welcome To The Nistarz Task Masters!

The Nistarz Task Masters is an errand running company in Kenya providing best messenger solutions to busy individuals and organizations. Our goal is to help you to reclaim your time, to improve the quality of life and have the freedom to focus on things that you care about the most. We work with individuals across the country, small businesses and corporate to provide wide variety of assistant services to support you. We create custom plans to address your specific needs. Our focus is to help you have time, make more money and have bigger impact in your life and business. Our team are on hand to help with every request; irrespective of its size or complexity. Our errand team go beyond the call of duty to serve you. Whether you require on-going, personal or business support, The Nistarz Task Masters will be happy to be of service.

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Our Core Values

Honesty and integrity




Our Services Are:


Absolutely Reliable

Life is busy! We can help! Reclaim your valuable most precious time!

Why Us

No joining fees

 Good Customer Relations

Well Trained Professional Staff

Good Service Delivery

Strong Management

Full service guarantee

Professional Door to Door Service

No membership fees

Same day turnaround on most errands

We are well connected with professional vendors

Guaranteed Privacy

Service Benefits

  • More Time for things you value most and Savings Costs.
  • Gain access to discounts & complimentary benefits at top hotels, restarurants, clubs, spas & many other lifestyle services.
  • Reduce the stress of completing everyday tasks and maximize productivity.
  • Tailor Made Services and solutions. 
  •  Helps Employees Maximize Their Talents and Day.
  • Reliable and dependable central point of contact for all errands.
  • Less Investment in Asset.
  • Improve focus and productivity, knowing that your personal life is under control
  • Access to VIP and sold out events through our network of partners. 

We Work With

Task Masters for:

CEOs or Executives

Enterpreneurs and Business Owners

Individuals Busy Proffessionals

New Parents and New Borns

Seniors and Elderly who need help

Families who Need a Second Hand

Children with Special Needs

Homes, Offices and Organisations

Sick Persons who Need Attention

Anyone who has more to do than there are hours in the day